Bikes Available

Our checkout bike deposit runs from $75 to $300, however the majority of our bikes are priced between $100-$200.

If you return the bike within six months, you will be refunded your deposit minus a $50 sustainability fee and any damages requiring replacement parts &/or extensive repair. The sustainability fee helps the Bike Library cover the expenses of normal bicycle wear and the overhead of running our shop.

During the six-month checkout period the Bike Library will assist you with adjustments and repairs, for minimal or no charge, depending on the circumstances. Ask a volunteer or email if you have questions.

Schwinn Mesa Runner $125

Blue MTB Size: 20"

Diamond Back Topanga $175

Red MTB Size: M

Raleigh Racing USA $250

Pearl Road Size: L

Trek MNT 200 $125

Black MTB Size: Small

Passage GT $150

Blue Commuter Size: 55cm

Raleigh C30 $150

Green Hybrid Size: 19"